A DREAM COME TRUE: Home ownership

A DREAM COME TRUE: Home ownership

Nothing beats the fulfillment of having your dream home.

The first time you stepped your foot inside your house is one of the best feelings that anyone could ever have. While buying a property comes with a bigger responsibility and some sacrifices, one thing is definitely certain. It would definitely turn out to be one of your greatest achievements.

Homeownership offers a sweet satisfaction of freedom in living the environment you have always wanted. You can do all things that make a house your HOME.

“Hindi ako makapaniwala, may bahay na ako. Pretty happy with my decision!”- Felix Palabrica


Mr. Felix Palabrica, a 31-year old software engineer and a part- time teacher decided to take a risk in investing on a real estate property in Novaliches. For the longest time, his hard earned money only went to renting. But he wants something that he can call his own. He took the leap and this year, he finally acquired his very first property.

Our young homeowner openly shared that he was not born with a silver spoon. That’s one of the reasons why even at an early age, he already embraced the importance of saving money for his long term goals.

For Mr. Palabrica, his new property is not just a place for him to stay, but will also serve as his investment to achieve financial freedom in the future.

Mr. Palabrica is an epitome that Millenials are the new investors of this age. DRIVEN to build their wealth and to be successful.

Take the risk and be the next homeowner!

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