Best Indoor Plants Perfect for Your Homes

Best Indoor Plants Perfect for Your Homes

Placing indoor plants is not just to beautify one’s home, but if you want to take advantage of its health benefits, then you should start growing some right now! It cleans the air, and for some, it improves the mood. So if you still don’t know which plants you can put inside your home, this is a quick list to start with.



If you must know, aloe plant has a lot of health benefits. It is popular for treating burns and is even good for constipation. Before you water this plant, make sure that the soil is completely dry. One of the reasons why an aloe plant dies is that the owner waters it way too often.


Jade Plant  

This is another low-maintenance plant, perfect for those who believe that they don’t have a green thumb. This plant has a lot of advantages as well. It is used to treat nausea and even warts. You need to expose jade plant to sunlight for about 4 hours a day. Thus, it is suggested that you place it near the window.



Many believe that pothos is the best choice for cleaning the air. So if you want to live in a fresher abode, this might be your best bet. It only needs medium amount of sunlight.


Snake Plant

The snake plant is also called the mother-in-law’s tongue.This is ideal for people who easily forget that they have indoor plants. It’s because it is wayyyyy too easy to maintain. It is also known as an air purifier. Who needs an expensive purifier if you can go natural, right?


Spider Plant

For those who are just starting to grow plants, you can also choose this one. You just need to water it once a week and you are all set. Just make sure that you don’t place it in an area where there is direct sunlight. Spider plants are also known to decrease stress level. We bet you would want to get your hands on this one right away!


If you know other indoor plants that we can include in the list, feel free to share it.

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