Fun things to do this Summer season

Fun things to do this Summer season

Summer, the warmest season of the year. We can decide to take this summer to work on becoming a better version of ourselves. For me, that is fun. After all, there is nothing better and fun than making ourselves better. Consider having high hopes this summer, do wonderful things. Claim that there are fantastic things store for you this summer season.


Say this to yourself, I would like this summer to…


Learn to love myself more


This summer I will not forget to remember that there is someone out there who loves everything that I hate about myself. I will give myself some time to pamper and go out with loving and positive people. Ignore summer challenge articles like eating well and exercise only in preparation for summer. Healthy living is an all season pursuit. Learn to stop trying changing yourself to get the approval of others. Be a better you for yourself not for anyone else as you can only love other people more and in a healthy way if you have a lot of love that is store in your heart.


Learn a new skill


Think about warm-weather activities you have always wanted to try and start working on that skill or learn a new language that will allow you to experience culture. You may also take a cooking class and take advantage and expand your culinary abilities. It can be fun to also get out there and learn yoga and learn various things that allows you to connect with others who have a similar interest.


Learn a new skill by taking a class on whatever it is you have wanted to learn. I have no time is not an excuse. A lot of people accept defeat before they even start a project, because influences have convinced them that even just trying is a losing proposition.


Volunteer your time


Getting outside there by volunteering is not just a great way to help others but can also be a lot of fun. It can be a chance to meet new friends and learn from them. Browse the internet for a listing of volunteer opportunities.


Realize that there is no need to have a Bucket List to be fulfilled and have a lot of fun


Bucket List is an inventory of things people want to do before they “kick the bucket.” The idea is, since our time on earth is limited, if something is important for us to do, we have to do it now, because this is our only chance to do it. This makes sense from a naturalistic worldview, one that doesn’t recognize any afterlife. Don’t misunderstand, I too enjoy life—going new places and doing new things especially in summer.


I don’t believe this is wrong, nor is it wrong to list things you’d like to do if God gives you the resources and strength. But the “bucket list” mentality, that this life is our only chance to ever enjoy adventure and fun made me re-think.


I just realized recently that many of the things people put on their bucket lists are things I’m not sure is a thing that you really are going to do to make you happy. Maybe they’re even the things you never really want to do, either, but you feel like you’re supposed to do to prove you’re alive.


So, instead of having a bucket list why not have a life list that you can use in your daily life, not just as you think about your last day.


Be honest about what really makes you happy.


Yes, it might be walking in a suspension bridge or swimming with stingrays. But maybe it’s just a fantastic camping night with your spouse and child. One isn’t better than the other. And doing one doesn’t mean you’re more or less alive than someone else. Your life list should be filled with things that make you happy.


I do have a sense of adventure in certain areas. I love to try new foods, especially when I’m traveling. And I love to meet people who come from different places and get to know how they think about the world and about life. But I am not the kind of people who’s going to turn 60 and go holding a tarantula or compete in a frog jumping contest just to show other people I am living a life. Maybe you aren’t, either. It’s important to be familiar with what really makes your life fun. Then you can add things to your life list that make you truly happy.  That’s the goal of this whole adventure after all, isn’t it? To be happy.


One of the things I’ve observed is how often people miss the experience in favor of that mobile phone they carry in their hands. Taking pictures are perfectly fine but you got to live in the moment more. I have seen so many people spending time capturing the event instead of living the event.


You’re standing there and in front of you is the magnificent view of the mountain and you’re busy taking selfies instead of experiencing what’s happening. Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take pictures. But experience life in real time first. The images you capture in your mind are more important than the images you capture on your phone.


Between now and the finish line, you need to live every day as if there’s not a finish line. Then one of these days, you’re going to be surprised that there is.


Enjoy the summer and create real fun, the one that will make you really happy.



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