Keeping your home cozy: A holiday guide

Keeping your home cozy: A holiday guide

Christmas is fast approaching and we can feel the chilly vibe in the air; hot chocolate to soothe your stomach, a nice and soft blanket to envelope your cold body and the joyful laughter of the family while watching a good movie or while listening to Christmas music can be one of the coziest starter for this topic.

But here are more tips on how to keep your home cozy for these coming holidays:

No Chilly Feet!

The first step to feeling cozy is to wear comfy and soft slippers around the house, especially if your house’s floor is made of marble or tiles. Place a woven basket by the entrance of your home and stash at least three pairs of fuzzy bedroom slippers in it. The woven basket can add statement to your house while your family or guests can keep their feet warm while walking around your cozy home. You can also add textured rugs to you bare floor to prevent your feet from getting cold.

Cozy Dim Lights

When the sun comes down and the night gets dark additional lighting is normally required around the house, but try replacing your usual light with a warm-tone LED light for a cozier candle-lit glow that can send cozy vibe around the house; you can also try using LED candle lights or twinkle lights that can boost home’s holiday vibe.

Fuzz it up!

Try replacing your normal throw pillows with fuzzy ones; you can also put a copper basket beside your sofa and pack it up with fuzzy knit blankets that will come in handy whenever you or your family gets cold.

Christmas is in the air

There are candles that have Christmas scent in it, but burning a candle can be dangerous especially if you have kids around the house. But instead you can try these recipes for to achieve that Christmas scent around your home:

First warm one bowl of water, just the right temperature for it to simmer then add:

1 sliced lemon

3 leaves of rosemary

3 cinnamon sticks

Warmer drapes

If you normally have sheer linen curtains, try to replace them with velvet drapes, or any thick curtain; it can make your home look warm and cozy but it can also block cold air from entering through your window.

Textiles to your tables

Adding some quilted runners to your tables and book cases will not only boost your room’s authentic appeal, but can also protect your tables from spills and moisture marks too. Also choosing the right colors for your table runners can bring up holiday vibe to your space.

Get warm hot cocoa bar

Keep a gourmet hot cocoa bar for unexpected guests, you can set it up by placing a nice high table with wheels on it into the corner of your living room so you can move it easily whenever it comes in handy. Just grab three glassed jars with lids and fill it up with hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and cinnamon sticks; and always be sure to keep milk on hand. Now you’re all set for an unexpected holiday visitor or a nice cozy afternoon inside.

Winter wonderland terrarium

Ran out of fun things to do inside the house? Well, a winter terrarium is not just a good decoration but can be also a nice project to make with your family. If you don’t know how then there are tons of tutorials on how to make one online.

Artsy wall

A plain blank wall can feel a bit cold, warm your room and encourage cozy gatherings by filling up your bare walls with the right art for every season. But don’t limit yourself with paintings; you can also share photographs of your precious memories in your decorative walls. It doesn’t just add up style to your wall it can also bring memories and can also start conversations with your guests.

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