Living in Mandaluyong, Why Everyone’s Going Crazy to Move Here

Living in Mandaluyong, Why Everyone’s Going Crazy to Move Here

Are you considering to move to a new city? If you are, then choose a place where you can establish a career, and at the same time grow a family. What we have in mind is Mandaluyong. Here are our reasons why we have it in our list.


Great Companies are in Here

If you want to work for the biggest local or multinational companies, Mandaluyong has it for you. There are variety of industries to choose from so you don’t have to worry about the field you fit in. In addition, it is a great city to establish your own business. With its population, a good business will likely to survive.


Easy Transportation

Mandaluyong has different modes of transportation to choose from. You have the MRT, you have multiple taxi bays, and several public transportation terminals. Going around the area should be a breeze.


You Can Find Amazing Shopping Malls

If you want to reward yourself after work, then you can easily go to malls in Mandaluyong. You can choose from the ‘tiangge’-style ones to more high-end shopping places. This, of course, is dependent on your budget. Aside from shopping, Mandaluyong has a lot of great restaurants and coffee shops where you can relax with your family, friends, or colleagues. It’s a perfect mix of work and play.

It has the Best Schools for Your Children

And if you are planning to raise your kids in Mandaluyong, finding the best schools should be as easy as ABC. From primary to tertiary levels, this city has great schools and universities in store for you..


Affordable Condominiums are All Over

Do you think with all the great things you can do and experience in Mandaluyong, the properties are expected to be hefty? Well, you are wrong! A lot of developers have managed to create affordable condominiums around Mandaluyong. This is perfect for startup families or for single people who would like to invest in this ever growing city.


Now, we can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t move here.


If you are proud of your city or province for that matter, send us your reasons and get featured. Let us know why it’s the best place to live in!

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