Choosing to work and at the same time caring for your family can be a hard one as you really need to discipline yourself and good management of your own tasks and timetables is therefore, necessary.


Is there really such a thing as balance?


You may be bringing home the money at the end of the day, but is your personal life already affected? You can be passionate about your work, but you also need a moment to take a pause.


The world offers various ways to work, to learn and to change, that unliking your job or sacrificing your personal life looks more like a mindset than a real problem. And to start changing that mindset, maybe you should make time to understand that:


When you’re looking for so-called work-life balance, you’re actually looking for life balance.


“I never believed the hype that women have to choose between a career and a personal life to live their best life. You shouldn’t, either. Leave behind the frustrating and useless idea of “work-life balance” — because there is no such thing as “balance.” Balance is a myth! Instead believe that you can have a successful career and an extraordinary personal life.” – Teresa Taylor


I agree with this belief as this helps to set priorities, combine them and create a schedule with time for each part of your life, whether it’s a family road trip, business meeting or going to pamper in a salon.


The conventional belief that giving up your life for the sake of career is imposed on us by the society. In today’s generation, a lot of people are now free to choose to have a healthy mind doing what they love to do than being miserable and follow some unhealthy standards imposed on us by the society.


  • The quality of your life depends only to you, your choices, and decisions.

Do not be dependent with the government to make your life better. Your job, no matter how good your company to their employees, won’t do it either. The quality of your life will depend on you. Only you know how to make your workday effective.

If you feel like you are working productively during nights, you can choose to work on late hours. When you are tired and you just do not want to spend your rest days doing extra work so that you can spend your time with the family out having fun, then be it. Respect yourself. Set boundaries. Have some time for yourself.


  • We all have our limits.

Sometimes it may be good to push your limits, but there are times when you should stop. If you are always constantly pushing yourself within your limits you might end up burning yourself out. Burnouts have a high impact on work productivity, morale, and your overall efficacy when it comes to work performance.


  • Recognize that life is what’s happening and work is one of the things you do in life.

Get sleep when you need it, exercise, eat, take breaks. No one owns you. Be a grown up and assume both your responsibilities and freedom without making a complain about either one.


Doing things well requires commitment. It requires doing the things. If you want to be a successful real estate agent, you have to accept that at first you will need to work hard and you simply won’t have a lot of time to hang out or relax. You may not get much sleep for a year or even years and you may feel really bad sometimes—that doesn’t mean the goal isn’t noble or the effort isn’t worth it.


Living a balance life has no right way to do it. There is only your way, your efforts, your time and your happiness. Each of us has different conditions or ambitions, constraints or strengths, and not everyone thrives on balance.


If you have a work that’s challenging and you’re passionate about, you will not feel regretful on its demands because you understand that it’s working for you, too. But when you’re bored and burned out or don’t see how work fits into fulfilling your dreams, you’re more likely to feel the need to get away with it.


In different ages and stages of our lives, we need different things and have various demands on our time. If we’re really blessed, we may get to choose what we do and how we want to prioritize it, although very often things just happen and we adjust to ever-changing conditions. Sometimes there isn’t enough work, while at other points there’s too much. Taking everything else into account, there is something resembling a balance.


Maybe for now, you may be committing yourself to parenting and your job, or to friendship and fitness, or to whatever combination of things might allow you to be great at things you really care about. Maybe in some time, you’ll have time to give your all to what you can’t commit to today. In the meantime, let us stop talking about this so called “work-life balance,” as a favor to yourself and everyone else.

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